How dsm-firmenich Reinvented Flavor and Fragrance Design with AI

The world's largest privately owned Fragrance and Flavor company dsm-firmenich breaks new ground in chemical formula generation, creating the world's first AI-augmented flavor & fragrance formulation.

The Client
Company Size
26,272 employees
Research & Development

Main Challenge

Traditionally, dsm-firmenich would receive a client request for a new fragrance or flavour with specific requirements and then create it by following several steps such as designing, compounding, evaluating, fine-tuning, testing, etc.

This process of designing new and unique fragrances & flavors that matched their clients' requirements was characterised by numerous trial-and-error experiment, making it time-consuming and labor-intensive. dsm-firmenich needed a solution that could help perfumers and flavorists identify unique chemical formulas faster and with higher precision.

The company was on its way to creating the world's first AI-augmented fragrance and flavor.

How we helped

But can you teach an AI model to smell and taste? Besides the 4,000+ ingredients and their individual properties, the new formulas had to factor in: (1) the desired scent, (2) a cost constraint, and (3) a target application (e.g., fine-fragrance, body spray, soap, detergent).

We created an AI model that automatically generates new chemical formulas that match a specific taste or scent.

The AI solution now allows dsm-firmenich:

  • To perform more successful creative explorations 

  • To respond faster to clients' requests with innovative and personalized fragrances & flavors.

The Impact


By integrating the AI tool into the creation process of the perfumers and flavorists, dsm-firmenich streamlined the creation process and design formulations that match their client requirements faster.


Once released and tested, the AI-generated formulas received excellent ratings from consumers.


By understanding regional olfactory differences, the AI model enhances perfumers' creativity and ensures a high level of novelty and precision.

  • Eric SaracchiChief Digital and Information Officer, dsm-firmenich

    Our bold investments with Visium in breakthrough AI innovations made what we once thought impossible part of our new norm. I am excited for what the future holds, as this is just the beginning of the journey.

Check this video from more information on the project.