Visium Is a Swiss-Born AI & Data Company

Visium is a Swiss-born AI & Data company helping businesses build their data-driven future through artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics. With Visium, companies can stay on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape, making informed decisions backed by world-leading cloud and data technology platforms and real-time insights. 

From identifying priorities with an AI & Data Strategy to scaling ML Operations, our team of experts works closely with businesses to unlock the full potential of their data, providing bespoke solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation.

We are privileged partners with the world's leading brands.
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Where innovation and expertise have a purpose

At Visium, we believe the future is data-driven. We sense its force, acknowledge its speed, and embrace its potential. We’re taking our future into our own hands and have made it our mission to ensure it’s powered by ethical and responsible intelligence.  

Here's the story of how it all started

Back in 2018, Alen (CEO) and Timon (CTO) noticed that the adoption of Machine Learning in many industries was lagging behind the state-of-the-art as seen in academia and the Big Tech. While researchers have constantly been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with ML, organizations were slow and hesitant to embrace new technologies. They decided to close this gap, and that’s when they launched Visium.

Soon after, Matteo (COO) joined forces, and together they embarked on a mission to make ML technology accessible to businesses through knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

60+ engineers and consultants in europe

We opened our first office in the Innovation Park at EPFL in Lausanne, and just a year later, in October 2019 - a second office in Zurich at the Technopark to foster our growth in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Fast forward to today, our company has remained financially independent and has expanded its presence in Europe. We have established additional offices in North Macedonia, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve grown into a team of 60+ brilliant engineers and consultants that have taken on some of the biggest challenges in various industries, providing 150+ solutions to some of the top brands worldwide. 

Innovation and excellence only

Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to attract outstanding individuals, partners, and companies that dare to build a data-driven future.

  • Forbes 30 under 30

    Alen Arslanagic (CEO) was recognized as one of Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2018.

  • Forum des 100

    Timon Zimmermann (CTO) and Alen Arslanagic (CEO) were in the 2019 issue of the “Forum des 100” for their contribution to the dynamism of French-speaking Switzerland in 2019.

  • First AI Fragrances

    Visium successfully created the first AI fragrances and flavors together with Firmenich’s team in 2019.

  • Linkedin Top 10 Swiss Startups

    Visium made the “Linkedin Top 10 Swiss Startups” 2021 list.

  • ETHZ AWARD for best Ph.D. thesis

    Matteo Togninalli (COO) got the ETH (#9 University in the world) medal as an award for the best Ph.D. thesis in 2021.

  • TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

    Visium was honored with the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award in 2022.

  • Bilanz's Digital Shaper

    Alen Arslanagic (CEO) was selected as Bilanz's Digital Shaper 2022 in the "AI Masters" category.

  • RTS Interviews on AI

    Timon Zimmermann (CTO) was invited multiple times to share his expertise on AI and entrepreneurship on Swiss National TV (RTS).

  • 72nd fastest growing company in Europe

    Visium was named by Financial Times & Statista the 72nd fastest growing company in Europe out of 1000 in 2023.

  • Alen ArslanagicCEO & Co-founder, Visium

    One of our biggest advantages is that our team consistently delivers innovations to our clients years ahead of their time turning them into competitive advantages. And we are constantly on a mission to enhance our offerings, deepen client relationships, and steadily progress on our vision of pioneering a bright future with responsible AI and data.

5 years of transforming industries

And this is only the beginning.

Agile & innovative mindset

Our rate of bringing AI projects into production is 6x higher than the industry standard.

150+ collaborations

Amplified by our exclusive assets & toolkits.

5 offices across Europe

Bringing us closer to our clients.

Ethical committee

We care for the world and prioritize responsible practices.

60+ game-changing talents

Experienced in AI, ML, data, cloud and software engineering.

  • Growth mindset

    We excel, are ambitious, and improve every day

    We’re naturally curious, so we’ve got our roots set straight. We’re committed to learning and growing every day. We challenge ourselves and never give up in the face of obstacles or uncertainty. We strive for excellence and don’t hesitate to stretch our boundaries.

  • Proactivity

    We don’t wait and watch

    We're a proactive, already-on-it team. We seek out opportunities and take charge of making them happen. Done is better than perfect so we're resourceful and work smart and passionately to get things done with maximum impact and efficiency.

  • Ownership

    We celebrate our successes and own our mistakes

    Ownership is all about taking charge and being accountable. We own our work from start to finish and are proud of what we achieve. We celebrate every win and own up to our mistakes, using them as training grounds. We take responsibility and deliver, always.

Meet the makers, our team of 60+ AI & Data experts

At the heart of every successful AI & Data project lies our team of data scientists, engineers, and business professionals with a unique blend of expertise and innovative thinking.

Looking for a career that makes a difference?

Work on real-world challenges with industry leaders and access the latest tools and technologies alongside a team of AI & Data experts. If that sounds like the kind of career you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you.
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