Data democratization as an enterprise opportunity

Recent progress in Artificial Intelligence can be considered the most significant technological advancement in decades, but progress is uneven. Most organisations still have not progressed beyond their first AI experiment and pilot projects, and many still don’t fully understand the benefits that AI could even bring to their business activities.

Visium has developed an assessment designed to help leaders understand the necessary factors that will allow them to successfully prepare for, and implement, AI solutions. The assessment identifies your AI maturity based on three main dimensions - data governance, innovation potential and initiative management.

AI democratization

AI literacy is in the genes of your company, anyone and everyone has the skills required to make AI and data-driven decisions.

Enterprise empowerment

Growing AI practices across all business units and putting business in the driver seat with data.

Continuous experimentation

Expanding team and infrastructure while increasing the number of AI solutions implemented


Finding and initiating first use cases - identifying opportunities, and booting up data, people and tools.